Friday, June 27, 2008

Coffee and Bandanas

I have decided that without these two items, my life would be drastically different --especially if there wasn't Creme Brulee coffee from Cafe Brazil.... hmmmmmmmmmmm................ Okay, so I like coffee. That fact has been well established. Since I've been here in the lovely Cave Springs of Oklamoha (i like that spelling better), I've realized that there is coffee, starbucks coffee (i had three, count 'em, three cappucinos the last time I was there), and then there is a new realm of coffee known as Black Love Juice. I can see that there are many flaws to naming this particular realm of coffee with such an obviously easy to turn phrase, but I'm gonna blow right past that problem (that's what she said). Black Love Juice makes my toes smile. It's got quite an amazing power over me. When I don't drink it, my day seems empty and pointless. I find myself asking "Why am I alive? Shouldn't I find a hollow tree and sleep in it until Winnie (the pooh) gets back with some honey." Also, I like honey.

Bandanas are what keep me from needing to put chemicals in my hair. Bandanas are what allow me to gain that extra ten minutes of sleep that I crave. Bandanas are dynamite.