Thursday, October 23, 2008

Possible Secret Cod3s

What if everything that we have read, are reading, or ever will read is a code? What if it is all some triple secret code device set up by an underground government cabal with the intentions of secretly running not only the country but the entire world? And what if they are a successful cabal? What then? What could we do about it? How would we even know where to start? Who do we sequester first? Who do we subpoena? I have so many questions, but I don't know who to ask them to. Perhaps even this message is a code. What if as i am writing this post, someone out there is watching and has become aware that I am aware of what they did not want anyone to become aware of? What if he's sending a signal to my computer right now to blow me up? What if he's not far away? What if he's right behind me? What if he has his fiber wire out right now ready to strangle me until I soil myself and die? What if .


Courtney Hope said...

did you just finish watching some spy movie or something?

ashley cedeno said...

Get in touch somehow.

david said...

Th4t'5 th3 m05t r1d1cul0u5 th1ng 3v3r.

Phildar said...

this blog is current