Thursday, February 21, 2008

Democracy is dead! HEY Democracy is dead! HEY HEY

Come on, chant with me! Democracy is dead! Democracy is dead! Democracy is dead, we kicked it in the head, we punched it in the heart, we pumped it full of lead, Democracy is dead! Hey, Democracy is dead!

Today's rabble is Democracy is dead!

I imagine that you're all probably scrolling down the page to find the part where I go into some elaborate, political reasoning to explain myself and my opinions, but you may as well keep your mouse steady, folks, because I'm not gonna do it. I'm simply going to make the statement that democracy is no longer with us, and I dare you to challenge me!

Deal with it.

1 comment:

david said...

this is ridiculous. i'm only commenting to tell you that i won't even validate this post with a comment.