Monday, February 18, 2008

Elimino Pete and the Queue

Elimino Pete and the Queue

Ten years ago if you mentioned the names David Lankford and Nick Robinson anywhere in America, you'd have a young adult riot on your hands faster than EPQ's tight, irreplecable riffs. Elimino Pete and the Queue has been self producing their music for almost twenty years now, but it was just a short decade ago when something happened that changed the face of American music forever. Back in 2007, Nick and David lived in Tyler, Texas, a small burb eighty miles east of Dallas. They attended a church called the Vineyard: home of the late Eisley, South Africa's own Ivoryline, and Luvbeat, the crown jewel of Mo Murda Records, a subsidiary of Spaceway. The church's stage was so exclusive that it seemed a record contract was a pre-requisite even for running sound. Though David, the guitar-toting lyrical genius behind so many of EPQ's mega hits, was able to get in on a few very special occassions, it seemed the duo was unable to find their way on to the Vineyard stage. The two actually wrote a series of songs based on their low profile during the late 00's, Who Do You Think I'm Knot? --released as a single off of their third album, Rock U Like a Rocker; I'm Not Who You Think I'm Not --the opening track off of Esteamed Brocolli, the encore follow-up album to Be Rock Holy; and the unforgettable slow jam that was stuck in the ear hole of every 17-28 year old girl this summer, Why Don't You Want to Love Me? off of their latest expectoration I Left My Feelings in My Other Pants.
It wasn't until Nick and David landed a regular gig as H.I.S. Church in Grand Saline, now pastored by the recently paroled Rev. Joel Osteen, that they found an outlet for their fledgling musical spirits. It was here that EPQ found a legitimate fan base that seems to still follow them to this day. Though Nick and David claim different cities as their hometowns, Grand Saline, TX claims them as their own. East Texas is always home to the last stop on each of EPQ's sold out tours across America.
Elimino Pete and the Queue is still pumping out hits with every album they release. After Why Don't You Want to Love Me? had it's three month run at number one from May to July of this year, they released their second single, Remember the Memories, which is still in the top ten. It seems that nothing can bring these guys down. Even after Nick's eldest son, Cash, almost drowned in the family's controversial money pool earlier this fall, and David constantly beating back allegations that his third marriage and divorce a month later were just to give him the pain he needs to write good music, EPQ's front men can't seem to come down from that first great high they experienced with their first ever single, Musical High Note. Though their fan base seems to be moving from young adult emo-ticans to middle age hipsters, if you keep on listening, EPQ will always tug at the heart strings of every man, woman, and child who hears the musical stylings of who could one day be known as the greatest musical duo since Paul and Art, Shane and Shane, or even Johnny and June.

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