Saturday, March 1, 2008

Luck of the Unposted Sale

Okay, here is the situation:

Nick and David are slowly perusing the TV on DVD section of Best Buy. We are searching for one particular season of one particular show: Gilmore Girls season two. That's right. Leave me alone. It's an awesome show. Nevertheless, we found it, and to our great distress, it cost a ridiculous $48.99. Why? Probably because of the writer's strike settlement or something. Who knows? Freakin Amy Sherman Palladino. I bet she was picketing with all the rest of those unstoppable dynamo writers. i wanna be one...


So we debate back and forth on why I should give in to this insidious and horrifying example of burgeoning capitalism and attentuate my bank account just so that I can see Rory start dating Jess, Lorelai break up with Max, and Lane become a decent drummer. Eventually we decided that it was time to buck up and get it over with. We picked it up and walked over to the checkout line. As the woman with dark skin, green eyes, and braided locks, scanned my purchase, I realized that the number on the screen was not $50, nor was it $48, nor was it even $30. My friends, the price of the lovely, quick-witted saga of Rory and Lorelai's inability to keep a man around turned out to be a mere $21.64. How? I didn't ask. I got out of there as fast as I could and sprint-walked to the car for fear that someone was following me to correct their mistake.

Free hamburgers at the fair, catching the second movie after only paying for one, mugging the occasional business man by the ATM, and now this.

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...

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