Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Best Poem Ever Written

Canceled Subscription

Glossy eyes stared up at me from the pages of a magazine

they followed me around the room

watching as I took the glass from the cupboard

I felt them roll behind me as I poured the wine

turned on the gas

and touched the tip of a match

to the stack of term papers I hadn't graded yet

their fate fulfilled by fire

their substance thickened by flame

I will never know the significance of vernacular in

To Kill a Mockingbird

as seen through the mind of the




teen desperately trying to meet the 1000 word limit

Or the nature of Huck Finn's relationship with

N-Word Jim

as seen through the mind of the



second row

third period

American lit student

whose eyes continued to stare up at me from

the glossy pages of a magazine.

Michael N Daniel

a.k.a. Nick and David

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