Monday, March 17, 2008

Cody and the Leapazor: part 1

There are places in this world that some people will never know about. There are creatures, forests, and even oceans that some people -people who would never want to see such fantastic things for fear that their world might change -will never get a chance to see. There are foods that some mouths will never taste: greenberries, glorbenglops, and gleepfruit. There are smells that some noses will never smell: apple bush blossoms, rose tree seeds, and pine flowers. There are sounds of lion birds, tiger crickets, and bear frogs that some ears will never hear.

There are, however, some people, usually children, whose minds and hearts are so desperate for change and fantastic creatures, that they will find these wonderful places, and experience all of these strange and beautiful things. I can tell you a story of one young boy who wanted things to change so badly, that eventually everything around him flipped upside down and topsy turvy curvy and his life was never the same again.

Cody grew up in a pretty normal house. He had a bedroom that he shared with his baby brother, Cory. His parents were nice -the nicest people he had ever met. His mom stayed home while his dad went to work at an office. His dad always wore a tie to work, and sometimes Cody would go in and watch his dad tie the tie in the mirror, and then Cody would go back and try to tie one on himself. He never could get it right though. They always ended up like shoelaces. When Cody first started going to school, he missed staying home with his mom, but he soon made some friends, and going to school became really fun. Still, no matter how many friends he made, he was always happiest after school. He would walk out of the classroom and run to the road where his mom and baby brother were waiting in the car. His mom would see him coming and go open the door for him. She would give him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and say, "How was your day, Cody? I missed you so much." Then they would get in the car and Cody would tell his mom all about his day. Then when Cody was done talking, he would ask his mom about her day. She would tell him all sorts of fantastic things like, "Well, Cody, today Mommy had to save a hospital from a giant tornado. Me and your brother put on our special tornado proof capes and flew over to save the hospital." Or “Cody, you wouldn’t believe it! A giant, four-eyed carpet monster came out of the floor and tried to eat our TV. We wouldn’t let that happen, now would we Cory, baby? No! So we got out the vacuum and sucked that monster up and away from the TV. It’s still in the vacuum bag now. You can see it when we get home.” She would tell these wonderful stories all the way home until they pulled into the garage, and Cody would hop out and run inside. Once he got inside, he would always find delicious cookies in the shape of elephants or unicorns and sometimes animals that he was sure never existed. His mom would make up funny names for them, but he knew they weren't real. After cookie time, he would either play games with his brother, watch some cartoons, or help his mom make dinner for dad. His mom would try and give him important jobs like mash the potatoes, mix the salad, or stir the sauce. Sometimes she would give him some grapes in a big plastic bowl and tell him to squish them with his feet so they could have grape juice. Then, sure enough come dinner time, there would be a glass of chunky grape juice waiting at his spot. After dinner, Cody, his dad, his mom, his brother, and his dog King would go on a walk around the neighborhood, while his dad would tell about his day, and Cody would tell dad about the cookies, the carpet monsters, and the grape juice. Once they got home, dad would talk to mom, Cody and Cory would watch TV, and King would lick their feet. Bed time was both sad and happy. It was sad because the day was ending, but happy because new day was coming. Cody would fall asleep hoping to dream about how fun the next day would be, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Cody was happy.

To be continued...

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