Monday, March 3, 2008

Who Does TV Think He/She/It Is?

I am so sick of TV. AHHHHHH!!! I want TV to be erased from existence.

Sometimes when I think about all of the time machine stories I've read, seen, or written myself, I think that maybe it isn't impossible. Maybe if someone gets uncharacteristically lucky, hits the right buttons, and opens the right door, a hole will open, and someone will walk into it. Maybe, just maybe, it's already happened. It's logical to think that if someone dared to travel back into time, assuming that it is possible, they could easily have altered existence, and no one would know. Ever.

It would be really nice, however, if that alleged time traveller was able to have taken TV out of our existence. Soooooooo nice. Besides creating jobs and assisting the economy, what in the world has TV ever done to enrich the lives of humanity? Anything?

Was there ever a time when the enrichment of humanity was humanity's main focus? It seems that we are occasionally able to interpret history in a way that makes it seem we were all truly interested in making things better, but I doubt they ever existed.

TV only serves the lives of the people on the TV, and even then, it's not for sure. Sometimes TV is so horrible that it not only makes worse the lives of the people watching, but also the lives of the people getting paid millions to "entertain." Reality shows are perfect examples of this. I especially can't understand why anyone would allow a camera crew into your personal home to film your first year of marriage. Oh wait, yes I do:
TV is a horribly addictive drug that millions of people have formed an addiction to. Try not watching TV for a whole day. It might be okay. You might not go into cold sweats yet. Try not watching TV for a week. I bet you'll miss it. I bet you'll be really curious about what's going on in all of these fake people's lives. I bet you'll find yourself with so much time to do things that make your life better. I bet you'll spend more time with God. I bet you'll read more and enrich your mind. But even with all of the positives, I bet you'll still miss TV. How about a month? Two months? Six months? Don't think you can do it?
You're probably right. Forget it. Let's go watch TV. Girlmore Girls anyone?

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Phillip said...

TV has made me impotent.
The writer's won't get any better now that the strike is over. I'm hoping for non-mediocre material/