Monday, April 14, 2008

Being sick and the Best Thing Ever


Those four... no wait... five magic letters ended teh txt msg i snt ->1 lanky


on thursday morning around 6:15 to inform my friend Panky Skanky Cranky Wanky Lanky4 that I would be unable to go to work that day due to my sickness.5 I then proceeded to go back to sleep and not wake up until around 3:30pm. That day was pretty much lame until about 8pm when the best thing ever happened.6 After that, some friends7 came over to view the greatest thing ever6 with Rachel8 and I after which we went to sleep on the fold out couch in the living room.9 The next day was a lot better. I woke up still feeling down in the dumps10 so I decided that I needed one more get well day. I started feeling a lot better around lunch time11 and that's when I started to get really excited about what I was doing that night.12 After David got off work, he came over and we got things ready and headed over to FBC Lindale Taco Bell13 in hand. We practiced until about midnite and then adjourned until 1pm the next day. The other musicians in the band are extremely skilled and it made things go very smooth. I am very excited about the concert. We are opening for Seventh Day Slumber14 and I feel like I may have heard of them before, but I'm not real sure. Rachel8 has assured me that they are on the radio, but unless they've been featured on npr15, I probably haven't heard them. Oh well.

Nick, signing off.

1This was me trying to make a joke about text message vernacular, but the sad thing is I don't even use text message language. I spell everything out.
2At this point I had to stop writing because the guest I was waiting for had arrived.
3Here is where I came back after class to resume posting.
4The best thing about David's nick name is that you can add as many rhyming words in front of it as you wish.
5I later found out it was a sinus infection.
6The Office returned with an painfully awkward episode where Michael staged a fake late night work assignment from corporate that effectively cleared Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela's schedules which then allowed Michael to invite them to a dinner party without fear of them declining. It was a great way to ease us back into the swing of things with some of the funniest people on TV.
7David and Shannon
8The greatest wife ever who recently started a new job!!!!
9We have blue satin sheets and it looks really funny, but it's very comfy.
10Yah, I really should have thought of a different phrase.
11Hmmm... I had clam chowder, rice, tortillas, salsa, and a yummy diet coke.
12Daniel aka Thunder had asked David and I to be a part of his band for a concert he was doing on the 19th, and this was the night of our first rehearsal.
13Chicken Grilled Stuft Burrito and Chicken Soft Taco Fresco Style
14Go here
15The frickin best radio station ever. What would I do without it?16
16Listen to something else probably.


david said...

I can't believe you thought of this before I did. Ass.

CourtneyHope said...

Hi. As a world famous best-selling New York times author, I noticed that your blog was rather funny. If you would be at all interested in contributing to my latest book "Why text messaging is the greates thing in the entire universe" than please feel free to browse my site.


growingfreely said...

i appreciate all of the footnotes in the post. i was able to fully understand all that was written at a higher level. quite clever. just like those crazy lyrics by hunter. booyah!

Shannon Kelly said...

footnotes! genius.