Friday, April 25, 2008

I Left My Heart in Sage Francis co.

I've made some changes. I don't eat unhealthy food anymore. Or at least I'm on the pathway to that decision. I'm breaking up with chips, fried foods, sodas, and other assorted detrimentalities. I am beginning to feel that longing and sadness one feels after they break up with someone. Remember what that was like --the ole break up day? I don't know about ya'll, but for me it was an all day event. I will use Angelina Carasco as a perfect example of a textbook Nick-style break up. Allow me to create a short backstory here. Angelina was on my baseball team in 7th grade. We had a trip to the Netherlands for a tournament, and we sat next to each other the whole way up. I had a special skill in those days. If I could get an hour alone with a girl, she was mine. And there weren't a lot of things that could stop me. So after I made my inch-my-hand-over-to-her-hand-until-I-make-contact move, we started holding hands, snuggling, and saying sweet things to each other. Success!! So after we came back from the tourney, we stayed together for a while. We would hold hands walking to lunch, going to class, walking to the bus. We'd call each other once a week or so. Baseball practice was a tough one, but we got throught it. Or I guess we didn't, did we? Oh, also Angelina was cross-eyed and super cute. Didn't think those two could go together? Well don't you feel like a prejudiced, shallow jerk? She was also asian. Nice...
Anyways, when I finally decided that there were literally dozens of other girls I wanted to be seen holding hands with on the way to lunch, like Jamie Anderson (another post for another time), I woke up that morning with a purpose. I wrote the break up note in first period. I checked it in second period. I had Angelina in my third period class, but this was not the time or the place. I had a plan. Never break up with someone in English class or they'll write a poem about you and read it in front of the whole class (another post for another time). I tried to be as distant and aloof as possible so that she would start to get the hint. Then at lunch, I hid in the bathroom so that she wouldn't see me, and no one knew where I was. After lunch, it was smooth sailing. I had gym, and two more classes with neither her nor her friends. I started the note folding process in my last class, and sealed it with the famous FYEO1. Once I handed the note to her friend Stephanie, all was done and there would never be any reason to think otherwise. It turned out, however, that her brother Orlando was not as "cool" as I thought he would be. He was the captain of the baseball team, and he found out one day that I wasn't wearing a cup. In order to save myself from flashback pains, I will not elaborate.


Here is a verse from a break up song by Sage Francis:

Maze broken
She’s runnin’
Feet swollen
He’s comin’
She’s stolen
And before he even knows it she’s gone.
Tea cups sittin’ on the hollow tree stumps
He’s dumped, and can’t seem to swallow these lumps
The beat goes on…

Yes it does, sir. Yes it does.

1For Your Eyes Only


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