Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day of All Days

Saturday was one of the best days of my life.

Quick recap: 7am wake up, 9am get to venue, watch a bunch of audio dudes set up cords and wires and big speakers, 1215pm sound check, 1pm-5pm walk around with David waiting for cool people to start playing music, 5pm start stressing that we might go on early and Thunder won't even be there, 545pm Rachel and friends show up to make the whole thing worthwhile, 6pm start playing the best set of music that was played there all day, 610pm dance around in a space suit, 645pm finish up and walk off stage to begin signing autographs and basking in the praise of 11 year olds, 650pm receive praise from wife and friends (so sweet), 7pm watch Luminate play an awesome set, 745pm pack up stuff, change out of costume (so sad), leave to go to Buffalo Wild Wings, 9pm friends and food (what's better than that), 1030pm Juno and snoring (not because Juno is lame but because I fell asleep).

What a great day!

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