Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Lose in the Stock Game of Life

That's what Lyndsey said just a sec ago.

My stocks hate me! I think that America found out that I was going to start investing in the market and it decided to start sucking at making money.

Now, now I need to calm down and develop patience. Everything is going to be okay. I should turn my stock ticker off and think of more amazing things.


I am going to be in my first concert ever on Saturday. AHHH!!! I know. It's amazing. And my enthusiasm makes it sound not as awesome, but it is going to be so great. We are really good, and hip-hop soothes my soul. You'll never see keyboards played as well as I am going to play them. Booyah! Suck on that, ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay!

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dont blink. said...

i love my rock star husband!! I cant wait to see you tonight!?!